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Case Study: Interim Head of Commercial and Corporate Services at Royal Town Planning Institute

“We would regard Richard’s time with us as successful on two fronts: both the main job he was employed to do, which was ensure that we didn’t lose pace and momentum, but also having the benefit of that fresh pair of eyes”

The Interim Candidate Case Study: Robert Wilkinson

For this case study, we talk to Robert Wilkinson, an experienced interim manager, about his career across Transformation & Programme Management.

Case Study: Interim Commercial Director at The Design Museum

“John performed impeccably,” says Alice. “He was exactly what you want in an interim: an excellent manager who will solidify the base, keep it going and manage people well. He was always well-prepared, even tempered and never flustered. And he put together different departments that had not previously been together.”

Case Study: Interim Chief Executive Officer at MOSL

Part of Ben’s role also entailed: representing Water Industry CEOs on the high level Retail Markets Opening Management Group chaired by Defra; briefing stakeholders across Government and the Press; and giving the Secretary of State at DEFRA confidence that the market would open on time.

Case Study: Interim Head of Projects, EMEA at Vix Technology

“I very much relied on Rob to handle things in region, which he did incredibly well”

Case Study: Interim Secretary and Registrar at the University of Plymouth

During this period Richard established, for the first time in many years at the university, the role of executive lead for all the support services, with 15 reports at director level, or equivalent.

Case Study: Interim Chief Operating Officer at The Place

Ellie made sure she was accessible for all staff, “enabling the Executive to step in and resolve a number of issues quickly and first time to ensure positive outcomes and enhanced internal and external stakeholder relationships.”

Case Study: Interim HR Director at The Football Association

"Caren completed an interim assignment at The FA during a time of significant transition and I found her support enormously helpful"

Case Study: Interim Head of Marketing at the National Landlords Association

“We knew that the corporate strategy was going to need significant market input, but it really shifted as a result of what Jonathan did."

Case Study: Interim Chief People Officer of Orbit Showtime Network

We are undertaking a major transformation effort at the company and our people will be a

key asset in making that happen. I needed a strong interim CPO (Chief People Officer) to help me move towards a new operating model and to deal with the enormous cultural change we are going through. Odgers provided a great solution in John.

Case Study: Interim Finance Director at The Royal British Legion

“Good interims need to land on their feet in an unknown environment and deliver almost immediately”

Case Study: Interim IT Director at Travelodge

"To be a good interim, it’s all about driving rapid change and having a ruthless focus on the desired outcomes and objectives."

Case Study: Interim Director, Strategy & Change at Orbit Group

“It’s really important that it’s the right piece of work for the right interim.”

Case Study: Interim Commercial Finance Director at Wolseley UK

“I usually go into businesses that have challenges of one kind or another, where you need to be able to explain to people why they need to change what they are doing”

Case Study: Interim Programme Consultant at Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Local Enterprise Partnership

"Chris was very good at working as part of the team and relating to people,” says Peter. “One advantage of interim tendering is you tend to get better quality people than you would if you advertised a vacancy. You get people with a bredth and depth of experience. For us, that was incredible helpful."

Case Study: Interim Director of Operations for Medicine at Cardiff & Vale University Health Board

“I would recommend using an interim for situations like this,” says Richard. “With Patsy, it was clear from the outset that she knew her stuff. The LOM she implemented has brought some real benefits that are helping us going forward.”

Case Study: Interim Chief Financial Officer at Antin Infrastucture Partners

“The Interim CFO role was a perfect fit for me in terms of the size of the organisa and the scope of the position”

Case Study: Interim Strategy and Business Implementation Specialist at Yorkshire Building Society

" If there was a really challenging situation that needed sorting out, and that was relevant to Jackie’s skill-set, then she would be the first person I’d call."

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