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Grant Speed

Grant Speed

Global Managing Director


work +44 (0) 207 518 2651

20 Cannon Street

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The key competencies found in great interim managers

Interims can be required for a range of reasons: from expansion, start-up/scale-up or product development, to delivering improvements, recovery, and restructuring. They can also be brought in to cover gaps in the existing...

Management Styles: Understanding different styles for more efficient management

Management styles can really impact team productivity. Depending on the way managers plan, organise, delegate, make decisions and manage their staff can be the difference in a successful and not so successful project.


Can customer experience power a resurgence in the High Street?

The High Street still has a lot to offer but if retailers are to thrive there they must give their customers something special, write Zoe Wakeham and Daniel Wood, Consultants in our Consumer & Retail practice.

Making money on the...

Why charities should take a strategic approach to digital

Although digital transformation is sweeping through the third sector, many charities still lack a digital strategy, writes Odgers Interim Consultant, Charities Louise Beales.

We’ve seen how the pandemic had a seismic effect on...

Why CTOs are increasingly tomorrow’s CEOs

Companies’ growing dependence on technology means that in future a greater number of CTOs will make the transition to CEO, writes Siobhan Farlow, Consultant in the Odgers Interim Technology practice.

Instances of Chief Technology...

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