August 2019, Issue 83

This month we launch our social housing interview series, Tim Muzio looks at the role of the chief product officer, Bambos Eracleous discusses the streaming war and what it means for senior talent acquisition, and Paul Smith asks whether extroverted leaders are really that bad for business.

Housing Interview Series: Part 1 - Finance & Funding

​​​​​​​Part 1: Finance & Funding

Annaliese Rogers, Consultant in our Housing Practice, launches an interview series with executive directors and chief executives from a selection of registered providers including smaller regional housing associations, larger national players, resident led and those at the very commercial end of the spectrum.

Why the streaming war underpins the war for data and talent

Bambos Eracleous, Partner and Head of the Media, Gaming & Sports Practice, discusses the ongoing battle for streaming dominance and explains why this is driving a data and talent war across the media, sports & gaming industries

So you want to become a Chief Product Officer? Here are 5 things you need to know

We discuss the 5 key criteria of becoming a successful chief product officer in the digital banking and fintech space

Are extroverted leaders really that bad?

We respond to a Wall Street Journal article that claims extroverted leaders might be bad for business.

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