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Hopes of ending the emergency: a critical time for the NHS

Amid record A&E waiting times, hard-working frontline NHS staff feel disillusioned and overwhelmed. Health Secretary Steve Barclays faces a crunch point, says Partner & Head of our Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice SJ...

UK Life Sciences & Healthcare Industry in 2022: An ever-optimistic tale

In this article, SJ Leatherdale, Partner and Head of our Life Sciences & Healthcare Practice, reflects on observations from within the Life Sciences & Healthcare industry in the UK, the challenge of attracting the right talent, and the potential of the industry to establish the UK as a world leader in the post-pandemic economy.

The evident fast track in Digital Transformation across the Healthcare Sectors – Insights from the Odgers Interim Healthcare Practice

SJ Leatherdale, Partner and Head of our Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice, spoke to Zoe Spalding, Resourcer at Odgers Interim, about the exciting possibilities across the healthcare and life sciences sectors as we enter the post-pandemic economy

Leading a disparate workforce: Lessons from the life sciences industry

​​​​​​​Ross Gordon, Life Sciences Consultant, speaks to experienced leaders in the life sciences industry to gain their insights on how to unite and lead a widely distributed workforce

Digital revolution: what the Topol Review means for NHS senior leadership

SJ Leatherdale, Partner and Head of our Health and Life Sciences Practice explains how the Topol Review will impact senior leadership across NHS Trusts and bodies

Life Sciences businesses engage interim managers to navigate industry turbulence

Fledgling businesses in the life sciences sector have long struggled with the financial demands that are needed to survive extensive trial periods and secure regulatory approval for their first pharmaceutical product. But now,...

Life Sciences look to interims to deliver ambitions

We look at specialist roles emerging in the Life Sciences sector as the Brexit vote challenges the industry's growth ambitions.

Innovation: the true spirit of Life Sciences

Some companies change the world. Today that mission is as clear for the likes of Tesla and Google as it was generations ago for Ford or General Electric.

Healthtech: Technology & Healthcare

Nick Behan, Consultant in Odgers Interim’s Life Science team, discusses Healthtech: Technology & Healthcare.

The status quo and trends in life sciences

The “new normal” of expiring patents, shrinking pipelines, fewer billion dollar blockbusters, generic competition, pricing pressures, increased regulatory scrutiny and the economic downturn has seen a significant drop in sales and...

Guest interview with Thomas Gageik, a specialist in IT

In this interview, we talk to Thomas Gageik, a specialist in IT, about projects and career milestones since becoming an interim.

Guest Interview with Geoff Tompsett, Head of Human Resources at Daiichi Sankyo Development Ltd

Perspective talks to Geoff Tompsett - Head of Human Resources at Daiichi Sankyo Development Ltd…

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