February 2022, Issue 113

This month, we explore how leadership is adapting to challenges faced by local government and how consumers are driving sustainable sourcing and packaging within the FMCG sector. We discuss the growth of interim management within technology and outline the key competencies of great interim managers.

The key competencies found in great interim managers

Interims can be required for a range of reasons: from expansion, start-up/scale-up or product development, to delivering improvements, recovery, and restructuring. They can also be brought in to cover gaps in the existing...

Enterprise Technology: agile leaders driving the rebound

Following a fall in the midst of the pandemic, new roles in Technology and Interim as a whole have rebounded to surpass 2020 levels, notes our Head of Technology Paul Wright.

Two years of the pandemic

For the Odgers Interim...

An eye to the future: strategic workforce planning in local government

In the era of the Great Resignation, local government is rethinking how to equip senior management and leadership tiers to meet the challenges of tomorrow, says our government lead Siobhan Farlow.

Change has arrived thick and...

FMCG environmental sustainability: mounting pressure to improve sourcing and packaging

Heightened consumer pressure for eco-friendly sourcing together with more stringent packaging regulations have put environmental sustainability centre stage for FMCG manufacturers and retailers, says Odgers Interim consumer...

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