August 2015, Issue 36

While economic growth might be in positive territory, UK PLC has far more potential for growth. We take a look at how interims can play a vital role in unlocking productivity and drive growth in some of our largest industries.

Networking and knowledge sharing are key to success. Preview some of our upcoming events.

We’re hosting a number of events over the coming weeks to bring the best minds together.

Demand for external support in the aerospace and defence industry: Guest Interview by Nigel Baldwin

There is no doubt in my mind that using interims offers good value for employers...

Manufacturing: Managing change and driving growth

Demand for interims in the manufacturing sector has never been so high, having more than doubled since last year...

Productivity crisis? Bring in the interims

There are various factors that can contribute to our nation’s poor productivity figures - including low wages, poor training and skills development and under-funded infrastructure...

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