A conversation with the joint interim Chairman of the Institute of Interim Management

A conversation with the joint interim Chairman of the Institute of Interim Management

Tony Evans, the joint interim Chairman of the Institute of Interim Management (IIM) discusses the growth of the UK interim management market, explains how to become a successful interim and offers invaluable advice for companies looking to hire an interim manager.

Presenter: Grant Speed, Managing Director, Odgers Interim


Fiona MacCarthy at 04/04/2019 15:25 said:

Thank you for an excellent varied and high quality discussion.
At first I thought 30+ mins: why? but something in here for every Interim

Christine McNamara at 04/04/2019 17:18 said:

Thank you very much for sharing such an insightful and valuable discussion. For someone who has made the move into the Interim market and working internationally there are some real gems of advice.

Matthew Jenkins at 05/04/2019 15:05 said:

Some excellent material here. Tony talks from his own experience about the reality of operating as an interim, and offers some powerful advice to those starting out as interims or clients. One small caveat: he is a bit sniffy about gap-filling assignments, which he calls "babysitting" and considers inferior to "true change management" – but if that’s what clients need, why shouldn’t IIM members provide it?

Steve Smith at 09/04/2019 12:12 said:

Sound pearls of wisdom here. The content of the second half of the interview really resonates with my 15 years' personal interim experience, not least the advice to end clients. There is still much work to do on our brand to promote the true benefits of interim 'grit in the oyster'. When completing assignments, I get frequent feedback from the end client that they now truly understand and appreciate the value and worth of of an interim; and the difference between an interim and a temp or consultant. Good stuff, thanks for sharing!

Tony Evans at 09/04/2019 16:49 said:

I am pleased to see that the podcast has generated some feedback already and thank you for the positive comments. Sorry if I sounded 'sniffy' about 'baby-sitting', or gap filling as I suspect is the more correct term if we are trying to avoid debate on the major benefits of engaging with senior interim practitioners. Of course I recognise that supplying this service where the client requires it is completely fine. It may take more justifying as 'off payroll' or outside IR35 depending upon how you wish to name things.

On another note; one of the things not touched upon in the podcast was the concern over the 'commoditisation' of the interim market. As the market has grown and evolved over the last couple of decades, it could be argued that the original use of interims (or at least the term) has spread from board or near board, to activity undertaken deeper in the organisation. And of course the activity has spread from the private sector almost exclusively 20 years ago to include both the public sector and third sector (charity/not for profit) nowadays.

So, extending the discussion from the podcast; I would be interested to hear from people how they see margins being held or improved today, both for the interim and the provider community.

Simon Wallace at 14/04/2019 12:16 said:

Thank you both for an excellent podcast.

I found the ‘Partner rather than Employee’ section and the advice that Tony, you had for the Client particularly useful.

With regards to your request Tony, to extend the discussion beyond the podcast on how to hold or improve margins today both for the interim and the provider community ...

This is challenging given the volume of interim talent offering apparent similar value. However, my insight having established international business over the years is that the Interim needs to work on their messaging as well as develop effective negotiation skills (which is another podcast opportunity). The key for effective messaging is to identify where you are best in the opportunity presented. If you are not the best then you can only ever expect market rate and take it or leave it rates.

Clients buy benefits so creating a message (your value proposition) to reflect your top 3-5 benefits will help the Interim hold or improve margins in any market. To identify your benefits ask your features so what, for example: F: 20 years interim experience – so what – B: trusted advisor that is repeatedly asked back. Value proposition creation is iterative and takes time but worth the investment.

The Provider community could be more proactive in helping the Interim improve their packaging as not all Interims are sales leaders equipped with this methodology and/or those necessary skills. I see this effort as win-win – better rates for the Interim as well as better margin for the Provider.

I’m interested to hear your views on this and others too.

Thanks again for your podcast.

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