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Kennon Kincaid

Kennon Kincaid

Chief Executive Officer - USA

New York

work +1 212 972 7287

2 Grand Central Tower
140 East 45th Street
44th Floor

New York

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A smart blend of AI and human expertise

Glen Johnson says that although AI will transform industries, human knowhow will remain paramount in many roles—including executive search.

Yes…another AI article, but it’s my first one and I’ve been pondering this for a while.


Retired but not tired

Glen Johnson talks to two corporate executives energized by an exciting new chapter in their careers that allows them to make a big difference—interim executive management.

I was on a Zoom call a few years ago when one of the...

Six Emerging Trends in Interim Executive Solutions as we near the end of 2023

The landscape of interim executive solutions in the US has evolved rapidly in 2023. Organizations, particularly those with private equity backing or international headquarters, are increasingly turning to interim executives to...

Management Styles: Understanding different styles for more efficient management

Management styles can really impact team productivity. Depending on the way managers plan, organise, delegate, make decisions and manage their staff can be the difference in a successful and not so successful project.


ESG, Culture and the Workplace: insights from our expert panel

Adam Gates, Becky Mackarel and Richard Plaistowe from the Odgers Interim Financial and Professional Services Practice recently hosted a stimulating and informative evening client event featuring a brilliant panel of experts.  


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