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Kennon Kincaid

Kennon Kincaid

Chief Operating Officer - USA

New York

work +1 212 972 7287

2 Grand Central Tower
140 East 45th Street
44th Floor

New York

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From sci-fi into reality: how fiction anticipated today’s world

Amid the clamor around AI “taking over”, Glen Johnson, Partner in the Odgers Interim Atlanta office looks at how sci-fi envisioned some exciting technological developments.  

Back in 1872, English writer Samuel Butler published...

ESG grounded in reality: greater scrutiny calls for robust risk assessment

Paul Wenman, owner of InvestAssure and an expert in sustainability, talks to Odgers Interim about the growing risks around making ESG claims that fail to match operational realities.

Last year was a tumultuous one for investors...

Emotional Intelligence: a step by step guide

Emotional Quotient (EQ) or Emotional Intelligence (EI) or was popularised in 1995 by Daniel Goldman. It refers to the ability to recognize and understand emotions, both in yourself and in others. Being emotionally intelligent...

What is Active Listening and why is it important in the workplace?

Active listening requires full concentration on what is being spoken about, as opposed to passively “hearing” the conversation. It is a skill that can be developed with practice and requires the listener to actively engage in...

Don’t let a talent gap stop you in your tracks

It’s taking longer to replace executive talent but there’s no need for vital leadership posts to remain unfilled, says Paul Smith, Managing Partner, Odgers Interim US. 

Organizations of all kinds are wrestling with a talent...

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