September 2015, Issue 37

The solution to building a better business often lies in its people. Diversity in senior leadership positions is a hot topic and should be taken seriously as organisations look to grow.

Managing the challenges facing education leaders in 2015

UK primary and secondary education is currently facing one of the most challenging periods it has experienced for over a decade...

Why We Need More Women in Leadership Positions

With women making up almost half of the workforce, and over 80 percent of the consumer market, it is no surprise that they can play a key role in influencing their organisations’ bottom line...

Events from across the network

Looking ahead, October sees Odgers Interim host another series of events, providing a forum for networking and discussion across multiple sectors such as healthcare, social housing and finance.

Every board benefits from diversity

Diversity in the boardroom has risen to the top of the corporate agenda. Organisations from both the public and private sector rightly recognise the need for a workforce that better reflects the world in which they operate, but also one that can offer the strength and depth to deliver effective leadership.

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