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The human angle: when supply chain issues hurt those in need

Zoe Wakeham and Daniel Wood, Consultants in the Consumer and Retail Practice, argue that retailers can and should do more, and collaborate better, to help those struggling during the cost of living crisis.

Today's cost of living...

The Power of Experience – Has the Pandemic saved the UK High Street?

We explore how customer experience may be the crucial element separating successful High Street stores from those facing closure

The future of the high street: An interview with Bill Grimsey

Jonathan Flynn, Retail Consultant at Odgers Interim, speaks to Bill Grimsey, Retail Commentator, about the future of the high street. Their conversation touches on the current state and the impact of the pandemic as well as what...

Jonathan Flynn writes with retail sector expert Martin Newman: Leadership for the age of customer empowerment

Writing with retail sector expert Martin Newman, Jonathan Flynn, Retail Consultant at Odgers Interim, discusses the changing dynamics of the retail sector and why retail CEOs must become the agents for change. Touching on ideas such as agility and authenticity, the report outlines the skills, behaviours and communication styles required of leaders to empower their organisations, overcome the current challenges facing the sector and propel the business forward as retail moves into a new future state of being

Part II: The future of retail

Jonathan Flynn, Retail Consultant at Odgers Interim talks to David Smith, CEO of Hamleys. This episode is the second half of a conversation with David, with the previous covering the current landscape of the retail sector, and...

Part I: The current retail landscape

Jonathan Flynn, Retail Consultant at Odgers Interim talks to David Smith, CEO of Hamleys. This episode is part one of a two part conversation with David, with this half covering the current landscape of the retail sector - looking...

The seismic retail sector shift

Jonathan Flynn, Retail Consultant at Odgers Interim talks to Suzanne Harlow, Retail Sector Advisor and Consultant, about how the Covid-19 pandemic is accelerating change in the retail sector, looking at the current changes taking...

The seismic retail sector shift

We discuss how the retail sector’s evolution has been expedited as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic

The Amazon Effect: Insights from industry leaders on the future of retail and logistics

We discuss the top five insights on the Amazon Effect from industry leaders in retail and logistics

Last month, we invited 20 leading executives from across the logistics and retail sectors to discuss the topic ‘the Amazon...

Adapting to the new age of retail

Jonathan Flynn, Head of Odgers Interim's Retail Practice, explains why the UK's high street has found itself in such a sorry state and what it needs to do to adapt to the new age of consumer shopping habits.

Presenter: Grant...

Retail sector: key trends for 2019

To say that 2018 was a turbulent time for the retail sector would be an understatement. Increasingly touted as one of the worst year’s for retail since the millennium, it has played witness to a major brand entering into...

M&A skills battle looms

The proposed £13bn merger between supermarket giants Sainsbury’s and Asda grabbed headlines recently and is already being touted as a potential watershed moment for UK retail and grocery.

Mergers and acquisitions like this aren’t...

The Interim Candidate Case Study: Jemima Bird

Area of Expertise: Marketing 

Career History

Jemima Bird began her career in retail operations at supermarket group ASDA before moving to spend a dozen years at the Co-operative Group where she started in store management before...

The Interim Candidate Case Study: Robert Wilkinson

For this case study, we talk to Robert Wilkinson, an experienced interim manager, about his career across Transformation & Programme Management.

As the year comes to a close, we round up some of our events from 2017

Over the past twelve months, we have hosted a range of events across all sectors. We’ve invited senior management teams and leaders to share their views on the biggest issues affecting industries and the wider news agenda. Below, we wrap up some highlights of our events calendar.

There is still time to avert US-style retail apocalypse...

Store closures in the US have reached 6,800 in the first three quarters of this year, climbing to an all-time high. The speed of the sector’s collapse has been labelled ‘apocalyptic’ by some business commentators. As UK retailers reel from economic volatility and fragile consumer confidence, should they brace themselves for a similar fate?

2017, the year of digital transformation for the retail sector

Amid the disruption experienced this year however, there’s another challenge the sector will be squaring up to in 2017 – digital transformation.

Bricks and clicks to omni-channel

With consumers more informed, tech-literate and connected to retail businesses, omni-channel has now taken precedence as the future of the retail industry.

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