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Health investing: waiting lists and a waiting game

Odgers Healthcare Partners SJ Leatherdale and Carmel Gibbons, and Head of Private Equity Solutions, Ross Gordon discuss health investing trends with expert in the field Vernon Baxter, as a general election looms closer.


Our research into the recruitment practices in the NHS highlights opportunities and best practice for creating an inclusive recruitment experience

In a recent interactive webinar hosted by SJ Leatherdale and Rebecca Brandwood from Odgers Interim Healthcare, Sue Johnson, Managing Partner, Inclusion & Diversity Consulting Practice, used our recruitment process data to explain...

The NHS Long Term Plan heralds a new era of collaboration with the higher education sector

Rebecca Brandwood, Principal, Health and Education Practice, says that resolving future workforce challenges in the NHS calls for a different way of working with colleges and universities.

At the beginning of this month the...

Oldham CDC: making the Community Diagnostic Centres vision a reality

Rebecca Brandwood, Principal Consultant, Health & Education Practice, Odgers Interim and Hannah Wade, Associate Partner in the Healthcare Practice of Odgers Berndtson, were delighted to co-host an event on Community Diagnostic...

Hopes of ending the emergency: a critical time for the NHS

Amid record A&E waiting times, hard-working frontline NHS staff feel disillusioned and overwhelmed. Health Secretary Steve Barclays faces a crunch point, says Partner & Head of our Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice SJ...

Thérèse Coffey’s daunting inbox: the new Health Secretary faces some big and ongoing challenges

As the new cabinet takes shape, the latest politician to occupy the healthcare hotseat has a major job on her hands, says Partner & Head of our Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice SJ Leatherdale.

One can argue there has of late...

UK Life Sciences & Healthcare Industry in 2022: An ever-optimistic tale

In this article, SJ Leatherdale, Partner and Head of our Life Sciences & Healthcare Practice, reflects on observations from within the Life Sciences & Healthcare industry in the UK, the challenge of attracting the right talent, and the potential of the industry to establish the UK as a world leader in the post-pandemic economy.

The “new normal” – A positive disruption towards a better way of working: An interview with HR Director Lis Allen & SJ Leatherdale

SJ Leatherdale, Partner and Head of the Healthcare Practice at Odgers Interim, talks to Lis Allen, HR Director Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust, about the future of the workforce in the post-pandemic environment. ...

The evident fast track in Digital Transformation across the Healthcare Sectors – Insights from the Odgers Interim Healthcare Practice

SJ Leatherdale, Partner and Head of our Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice, spoke to Zoe Spalding, Resourcer at Odgers Interim, about the exciting possibilities across the healthcare and life sciences sectors as we enter the post-pandemic economy

“The Future of Mental Health in the Workplace” – Reflections on the webinar hosted by Odgers Interim & Berwick Talent Solutions

In the lead up to Mental Health Awareness Week 2021, Odgers Interim and Berwick Talent Solutions hosted a webinar on the future of mental health in the workplace to reflect on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental wellbeing of the workforce in the UK and to discuss positive changes and new initiatives that employers can establish to support their employees moving forward.

The impact of digital technology on the mental health of our workforce and customers

​​​​​​​SJ Leatherdale, Partner and Head of our Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice, and Rebecca Brandwood, Healthcare and Education Consultant, discuss the key points made by guest speaker Professor Sandeep Ranote in their recent webinar on digital technology and its impact on mental health

Part I: Virtual interview and remote on-boarding: Advice from our interims

Rebecca Brandwood, Healthcare and Education Consultant at Odgers Interim, hosts this episode to share a recent interim candidate webinar held to discuss the remote interview and digital on-boarding process. With colleagues Terry...

Managing the Covid-19 crisis: how the healthcare sector is responding to the national health emergency

​​​​​​​SJ Leatherdale, Partner and Head of the Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice, and Rebecca Brandwood, our Healthcare and Education Consultant, discuss how the healthcare system is adapting to the rising demand for critical care services as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic

So you want to be the CIO of an NHS Trust? Here’s what you need to know

​​​​​​​SJ Leatherdale, Partner and Head of the Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice, talks to interim CIO John Davidson, about how to become the chief information officer in an NHS trust

The challenges and opportunities facing the UK healthcare and higher education sectors

Rebecca Brandwood, our Healthcare and Education Consultant, discusses how shared challenges and opportunities will impact senior talent acquisition across both sectors

Challenges facing the independent healthcare market

Dan Kiely, Consultant in Odgers Interim's Independent Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice, discusses the challenges facing independent hospital and care home groups in light of dwindling government funding for UK healthcare...

Digital revolution: what the Topol Review means for NHS senior leadership

SJ Leatherdale, Partner and Head of our Health and Life Sciences Practice explains how the Topol Review will impact senior leadership across NHS Trusts and bodies

A year in review: why the future looks bright for independent health businesses

Dan Kiely, Consultant in our Private Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice looks back at 2018 and explains why the independent healthcare sector can expect a new lease of life

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