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07 Feb 2013

Attempting to control social media will leave employers tilting at windmills and is a fundamentally flawed approach to a growing issues, according to Shell's chief HR and corporate officer Hugh Mitchell. Speaking to HR...

Categories: Functional Practices, Human Resources

06 Feb 2013

The public sector in the UK could benefit from compulsory data protection audits that assess whether major organisations such as local councils and the NHS are doing enough to keep important data safe, according to information...

Categories: Functional Practices, IT Management Interim Management Recruitment

04 Feb 2013

The government's decision to abolish the Default Retirement Age (DRA) has led to a demographic shift in the workplace, according to a new report from Group Risk Development (GRiD) involving a sample of 500 businesses. Some 25...

Categories: Functional Practices, Financial Management

01 Feb 2013

The government is open for business and wants to work with IT firms to begin digitalising the public sector, transforming the landscape of UK service provision, according to minister for the cabinet office Francis Maude. He...

Categories: Central Government, Functional Practices

31 Jan 2013

The adverse weather conditions seen in the UK recently have cost employers some £318 million in productivity, according to research published by roadside recovery firm Green Flag. According to the study, 8.5 million British...

Categories: Functional Practices, Human Resources

30 Jan 2013

Workers at UK businesses are finding their health at risk because of poor working environments, with only 30 per cent of employees considering their current situation to be suitable.

According to EnergiseYou, some 37 per cent of...

Categories: Functional Practices, Human Resources

28 Jan 2013

The financial services industry is to launch a scheme this week aimed at improving the quality of leadership found in its boardrooms, hoping to restore faith in its reputation following a torrid few years in which it has been...

Categories: Functional Practices, Financial Management

24 Jan 2013

Developing future executives through HR procedures should be seen as a business necessity rather than an optional luxury for public sector leaders, an expert has argued. Jabbar Sardar, director of HR and organisational...

Categories: Functional Practices, Human Resources

21 Jan 2013

Employers across the UK are not taking advantage of the skills offered by workers over the age of 60, according to a new report. The survey of over 500 UK chief executive officers of businesses with more than 250 employees,...

Categories: Functional Practices, Human Resources

18 Jan 2013

As snow falls across much of the UK and concerns increase that the weekend could see conditions worsen, Deloitte has urged businesses to prepare for extreme weather. Rick Cudworth, lead partner for resilience and preparedness,...

Categories: Functional Practices, Procurement & Supply Chain