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Executives face 'crisis of confidence'

21 July 2009

There is a crisis in confidence in senior executives in both the private and public executives, according to a leading business academic.

Professor Chris Bones, dean of Henley Business School, suggested that the collapse of the world's economic systems has highlighted the lack of understanding of valuable leadership traits within governments and corporations.

This dearth of leadership in the present economic climate could lead to an increase in interim management solutions - as businesses seek experienced board-level directors with skills suited to specific market conditions.

This view was mirrored by Don Jacobson and Shelley Safian last week, who claimed that interim executives offer firms "knowledge, skills, work ethic and productivity".

Identifying methods that must be implemented to solve this crisis of faith, the former performance management director of Cadbury Schweppes urged businesses to recruit executives with attitudes and values aligned with their operations.

Writing for the Economist, Mr Bones said: "Leadership that builds confidence is built on making tough choices.

"It is not built on burying your head in the sand and hoping that difficult issues will just go away."

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