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Children's services interim explains methods

28 February 2010

An interim manager involved with a particularly high-profile case of change management in the public sector has said that transforming an organisation can resemble completing a "complex jigsaw".

Eleanor Brazil was appointed interim deputy director of children and families services at Haringey Council in January 2009, when the department was reeling from the aftermath of the Baby Peter tragedy.

Writing in the Guardian, Ms Brazil explained how she and other managers have been working to improve performance, restore staff morale and rebuild partnerships with other local organisations at the children's service.

Using the jigsaw metaphor to describe the ongoing process at the north London council, she explained: "You need to focus your energy on different parts of the problem, giving sustained attention to key parts of the puzzle at different times."

Ms Brazil also said that interims were brought in to "support, work alongside and develop existing managers and staff" - a factor she regards as one of the keys to the project's success.

A recent report from Ofsted stated that Haringey Council has made "good progress" in improving its children's services, mainly by reducing the workloads of frontline staff and simplifying bureaucratic elements such as IT systems.

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