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2016 Odgers Interim Events Round-Up

20 December 2016

This year Odgers Interim has hosted a range of events across all sectors. We have welcomed fantastic speakers and inspired heated debates in response to some of the key challenges that management teams have faced. Here we wrap up some highlights of this year’s events calendar.

Annual Northern Healthcare Dinner, 4th February

Our Annual Northern Healthcare Dinner focused on the benefits of introducing outside perspectives to tackle current challenges, continuing our commitment to support the NHS’s goal to learn more from business entities.

We welcomed Angela Spindler, CEO of N Brown Group Plc, whose previous roles include Managing Director of Debenhams and Global Managing Director of ASDA’s George clothing. Leading a speech on how business leaders in fast-paced business environments can drive changes and efficiencies, Angela demonstrated the role that new paradigms of thought could play in ‘opening up’ the NHS and re-freshing stagnant strategies and leadership direction.

Key themes within the speech included maintaining workforce engagement, ensuring performance consistency during cultural and transformational periods, providing a new strategic direction despite board reluctance, what a CEO should prioritise when delivering a change programme and ensuring your employees are on the same journey when initiating significant cultural change.

On top of this, Angela identified further learnings the NHS could adopt, such as embracing innovation, particularly technology and also making a concerted effort to present itself as an attractive leadership career choice.

Private Healthcare Breakfast, 28th June

Odgers Interim, alongside Deloitte, Berwick Partners and Odgers Berndtson, co-hosted the Annual Private Healthcare Breakfast this June in London. Guest speaker Lord Patrick Carter of Coles attracted a large number of Chief Executive Officers, Chairs, Chief Financial Officers and Chief Operating Officers from independent sector healthcare providers.

Lord Carter currently serves as the Chair of the Department of Health Procurement and Efficiency Board – and has been deemed the ninth most influential person in NHS England by the Health Service Journal.

With a background on various boards within US and UK healthcare, as well as in insurance and technology companies, he was tasked to produce an independent report on operational productivity in English NHS acute hospitals by the Department of Health. The report was published in early 2016 and identified key opportunities for improving productivity and efficiency across the NHS, which could make savings of £5bn achievable across three years.

Most importantly, Lord Carter stressed that we have some of the best hospitals in the world. Yet he reiterated that most trusts do need some additional help and support to understand how to deliver quality and efficiency in the face of formidable savings demands.

The speech was followed by a lively discussion and Q & A session.

Membership Bodies Reception, 30th June

On the 30th June, Odgers Berndston, in partnership with Odgers Interim and Berwick Partners, hosted the second annual Membership Bodies Reception at our offices in Cannon Street. An opportunity to network for the 40 leaders of membership bodies in attendance was followed by keynote speeches and finally a Q & A session led by Narinder Uppal, a Consultant in the Odgers Interim Education Practice.

Christine Elliott, Chief Executive of The IFT (Institute for Turnaround) and Peter Fanning, Chief Executive of CIOT (Chartered Institute of Taxation) both delivered keynote speeches. Christine Elliott, drawing on her background as co-founder of the Asia Transformation and Turnaround Association and The IFT Academy, shared her insights into transformational change. Peter Fanning discussed the CIOT’s views on the best responses to external change.

A central theme of the evening was how membership bodies should position themselves in order to be able to react to external change and adopt a leading and influential role.

In the subsequent Q & A session, the discussion was largely dominated by the recent EU Referendum result. The reception received a great deal of positive feedback and is scheduled to take place again next year.

Midlands Healthcare Dinner, 25th October

We also hosted The Midlands Healthcare Dinner at Opus Restaurant in Birmingham, as part of further exploring what the NHS can learn from the commercial sector.

The outgoing Managing Director of John Lewis and Chair of the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership, Andy Street CBE, shared his views on the matter with senior leaders across the local NHS.

Andy imparted his knowledge as a successful retail business leader, building on his experience of driving regional growth and bringing John Lewis to Birmingham. He also explored how the same approaches can be transferred to a highly pressurised NHS landscape.

Andy discussed how to manage your brand while dealing with change brought about by economic uncertainty. Driving staff engagement and balancing effective relationships with different stakeholders were topics also covered.

A key take-away from the evening was the need to embed processes and behaviours so your workforce is clear about what the ultimate goal is. A business’ common sense of purpose needs to be continually communicated by great local leaders. By practicing this, Andy was able to sustain an engaged and happy workforce during his time at John Lewis.

Project & Programme Management Reception, 9th November

The fifth annual PPM Reception at our Cannon Street London office saw Lord Deighton, Chairman of Heathrow Airport, deliver a keynote speech. He shared his insights into successful project management with over 40 key decision makers from across the energy, manufacturing and industrial sectors.

With experience at Goldman Sachs, a Treasury Minister, Chair of the Treasury’s HS2 Taskforce and the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Lord Deighton stressed the need to have a sense of pride in any project undertaken. This ‘greater good’ philosophy is critical to a project’s success and should be shared by all stakeholders involved.

He also emphasised that the ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions of a project need to consistently remain at the core of the project, and be referred to at each juncture of the delivery process. This messaging forms the basis of aligning strategy and delivery closely, which are crucial to success.

The speech was followed by a Q & A session, with the government’s announcement of a third Heathrow runway proving a popular talking point.


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