Promoting diversity in the interim process

Odgers Interim applies best practice to diversity and recognises the benefits of attracting a broad range of talent to deliver interim projects. Questionnaires establishing the diversity of our working interims are sent electronically to all interim executives when they start an assignment. The information received is collated and presented as percentages, thus ensuring complete confidentiality.

We embrace our role as an advocate of diversity as a means of enriching our own organisation, and those with whom we work. We seek to verify our commitment with quantifiable evidence: we believe in action over words.

Our thinking

We are committed to our Diversity Vision and believe that this must be translated into action and built into our business activities.

Our process

Diversity is integral to the interim recruitment process we undertake for our clients. We build diversity into the client briefing by offering guidance on current legislation and questioning existing practices; when agreeing the Job Description we provide advice on selection criteria to ensure objectivity; when agreeing advertisements we ensure accurate role representation and full compliance with legislation, and advise clients on the most appropriate media.

All candidates are duly treated with equal respect. When analysing interim candidate suitability we apply the best methods of assessment to guarantee fair and open competition, and provide advice to our clients on best practice to ensure unbiased interviews and selection procedures.

Our delivery

We have an established Diversity Council which has encouraged our diversity policies to take root throughout the firm. In addition to policy making, the Council develops strategies for communicating our plans and principles to all our colleagues. We are members of Race for Opportunity, the Disability Employment Forum and the Age Employment Forum.

What we do and how we do it has a major impact on every client and on the lives of the people we recruit. Getting it right really matters and we are determined to do it well.

Richard Boggis-Rolfe, Chairman