July 2021, Issue 9

This month, Lori Rubin reflects on her observations of the impact of the pandemic on employee mental health and wellbeing, and shares her tips for businesses and executive leaders to support their workforce in a post-pandemic environment. Glen Johnson talks about the much feared "Great Resignation", what might be causing it and what organizations can do to counteract it.

Employee mental health and wellbeing in the post-pandemic workplace

Lori Rubin, Partner at Odgers Interim US, joined our firm during the COVID-19 pandemic and has experienced first-hand the different work environment during a global pandemic. In this article, she talks about the future of the workplace and the steps organizations can take to ensure the mental health and wellbeing of their employees

The Great Resignation – Why businesses should act before it is too late

Glen Johnson, Partner at Odgers Interim US, reflects on the current wave of resignations across the US and internationally and talks about the underlying symptoms and potential remedies to stop businesses from losing their top talent

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