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A smart blend of AI and human expertise

Glen Johnson says that although AI will transform industries, human knowhow will remain paramount in many roles—including executive search.

Yes…another AI article, but it’s my first one and I’ve been pondering this for a while.


Retired but not tired

Glen Johnson talks to two corporate executives energized by an exciting new chapter in their careers that allows them to make a big difference—interim executive management.

I was on a Zoom call a few years ago when one of the...

A perennial celebration: how Odgers supports neurodiversity

Three of our employees reveal how neurodiversity affects their lives and why it matters so much that Odgers’ supportive and inclusive culture encourages them to be their true selves.

Neurodiversity Celebration Week was created to...

From sci-fi into reality: how fiction anticipated today’s world

Amid the clamor around AI “taking over”, Glen Johnson, Partner in the Odgers Interim Atlanta office looks at how sci-fi envisioned some exciting technological developments.  

Back in 1872, English writer Samuel Butler published...

ESG grounded in reality: greater scrutiny calls for robust risk assessment

Paul Wenman, owner of InvestAssure and an expert in sustainability, talks to Odgers Interim about the growing risks around making ESG claims that fail to match operational realities.

Last year was a tumultuous one for investors...

Emotional Intelligence: a step by step guide

Emotional Quotient (EQ) or Emotional Intelligence (EI) or was popularised in 1995 by Daniel Goldman. It refers to the ability to recognize and understand emotions, both in yourself and in others. Being emotionally intelligent...

What is Active Listening and why is it important in the workplace?

Active listening requires full concentration on what is being spoken about, as opposed to passively “hearing” the conversation. It is a skill that can be developed with practice and requires the listener to actively engage in...

Business development: How Interim talent can take startups to the next level

Interim business development talent can be the answer growth-hungry startups are looking for, says Head of our Consumer, Retail, Healthcare and Professional Services Interim Practices in the US, Lori Rubin.

Think of a match made...

Are you confident in your leadership team?

Glen Johnson, Partner at Odgers Interim, says that if you don’t have confidence in your leadership team, you are far from alone. In fact, as our Leadership Confidence Index 2022 finds, you are in the majority.

In late 2021, over...

Turning uncertainty into opportunity: How Interim Management can be used to navigate the challenges of M&A

Bambos Eracleous, Partner and Head of our Media & Entertainment Practice, explores the changes, challenges, and opportunities arising from M&A in the sector and how interim management can add value on both a business and individual level.

How to market yourself as an Interim

In our latest article in the ‘Top Tips’ series, Zoe Spalding, Resourcer at Odgers Interim, shares best practice tips from our network of interims on how to successfully market yourself as an interim.

Top 5 Tips on how to set up a successful Interim Career

In this article, Zoe Spalding, Resourcer at Odgers Interim, shares her top 5 tips on how to set up or start a successful career as an interim manager or executive.

Meet the Team - Glen Johnson

We caught up with Glen Johnson, Partner at Odgers Interim US, to speak about his first year with the business, to find out what motivates him, and to get the insight scoop on his versatile career spanning both industry and recruitment.

Looking back to look ahead

After 18 months of Odgers Interim US, Managing Director Paul Smith is reflecting on the first year and a half in business, the challenges of developing and growing a company during a global pandemic, and the bright future ahead

Effective Non-Verbal Communication in the Workplace

Earlier this month, we shared tips for active listening in the workplace to help improve communication skills. In this article, Zoe Spalding, Resourcer at Odgers Interim, highlights the importance of non-verbal communication skills and how they can impact workplace relationships.

Support makes all the difference – The relationship between interims and recruiters

Zoe Spalding, Resourcer at Odgers Interim, caught up with some of our interims to find out what support recruiters should offer interim candidates prior, during, and after their assignments

Onboarding Processes for Interim Managers

Zoe Spalding, Resourcer at Odgers Interim, spoke to some of our interim managers to talk about their onboarding experiences, and to share tips and insights into how onboarding can benefit interims and their clients

Meet the Team – Lori Rubin

Lori Rubin, Partner at Odgers Interim US, reflects on her first year at Odgers Interim US, her decision to join a start-up, and her multi-facetted career spanning both industry and recruitment

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