Planting 5 trees for every candidate placed

Planting 5 trees for every candidate placed

From March onwards, five trees will be planted every time Odgers Interim places a candidate.

As a business, we are committed to sustainability. Our clients and candidates expect nothing less, given that many of them are involved in major carbon reduction initiatives or other environmental and sustainability-related activities.

We used to present our candidates with a little gift such as a luxury notebook as a token of our appreciation for each candidate placement. However, that no longer sits well with us as we strive to go paperless.

Forests help stabilise the climate by absorbing CO2 emissions, which is why we jumped at the chance to partner with Treeapp which is working hard to reverse the effects of deforestation. Treeapp has tree-planting sites across the globe, including one in the UK, and its projects are tailormade to benefit local populations and native wildlife.

Every time we place a candidate, Treeapp will plant five trees at a geographically appropriate site. It’s something we feel good about as a business and we are confident clients and candidates will be happier to associate Odgers Interim with sapling leaves rather than the leaves of a notebook. After all, saving the planet is in everybody’s interests.

Planting trees to reduce Odgers Interim’s carbon footprint dovetails with our other sustainability initiatives. And we are delighted that this ‘tree-mendous’ idea has taken root in our organisation.


Mouleeeee at 28/02/2023 09:46 said:

Really that's a Great initiative. Hope they will take care of the trees.

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