Interims: stabilising a volatile economy

Interims: stabilising a volatile economy

As the country heads into a period of substantial change and uncertainty we should not forget the fundamental role that the interim management industry will have to play in supporting leadership teams.

In the coming months and years, we expect demand for quality interims to further intensify as organisations look for effective leadership to provide the experience and direction needed to navigate these turbulent times.

For Odgers Interim, the latest IIM Provider Rankings – a national survey on industry trends – names us as the leading interim management provider for the third year running and shows and that we are more than prepared to do just that and help businesses through the challenges ahead.

The accolade follows a busy and successful year for our business, which saw us expand our specialist sector practices led by some of the industry’s leading talent. We have brought in some exceptional consultants to further build our expertise in a broad range of sectors, including, healthcare, charities, technology and oil and gas.

Over the past twelve months we have also seen significant growth within our Australian business. The Odgers Interim offices in Melbourne and Sydney are responding to similar market conditions in the UK – a challenge for experienced interims to steady boardrooms and take advantage of growth opportunities.

And, to meet the evolving challenges of our clients, we established Odgers Interim’s dedicated interim consulting division. The placement of independent consultants is disrupting the traditional market and is allowing independent consultants to help management teams with a variety of challenges both strategic and operational.

After another successful year for our business, I would like to thank everyone at Odgers Interim for their hard work and unwavering commitment. And, of course, the interim manager and independent consultant community for their continued support.


Andrew Jones at 29/07/2016 11:41 said:

Dear Grant,
I think your perception of the interim market based on businesses needing to react to changes quickly is absolutely right. Many of your clients are going to have to review their strategy, and much like in the early 80s and in 2008, they are going to have to look at upping their game in order to maintain competitiveness.
With the pound falling by 10% it is essential that UK companies make quality and customer service such that any loss of competitiveness in price is more than made up for. They will need to adopt new technologies to "lock in customers" and to make themselves an essential element of any Value Chain.
Interim Business Transformation agents can help these companies achieve rapid improvement. They need to do this before the negotiations in EU come to a conclusion.

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