Hannah Elwiss

Hannah Elwiss

Personal Assistant to Sarah Lovell, Narinder Uppal & Terry Noble


work +44 (0) 161 498 3417

I have known Hannah for around 4 years, and while our communication has been by telephone or e-mail, she has been my conduit both in and out of Odgers.

That first contact about a particular issue is crucial from a client’s point of view, along with the confidence that you will receive sound advice and/or the promised call back happens at the indicated time.

Over the time, I have felt very well looked after, and never fobbed off (which can’t be said for many organisations). I have always been dealt with courteously, exceptionally efficiently and with gentle humour. A great combination!

A great advert for Odgers!

Keith Dibble

9th Floor, 82 King Street

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