Observe Magazine | Issue 19 | The Great Reset

This issue of OBSERVE centres on how organisations have been impacted, adapted and responded through crises. We speak to senior leaders from some of the world's most progressive companies to understand how they've handled situations of crisis, as well as how they've been overcome.

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Observe Magazine | Issue 18 | Sustainability

There has never been a global challenge quite like the climate emergency. It is predicted to affect every person on Earth. We have already felt the effects, many of them dramatic, yet the evidence is that this is just a taster of things to come. Businesses have an extraordinary power to adapt, and often to lead the way, in finding solutions to big problems. Observe 18, reflects that fact. That’s why we believe this Observe magazine is not just a good read, but a genuinely essential one!

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Observe Magazine | Issue 17 | The culture issue

How do you rate your organisation’s culture? Is it supportive, where everyone has freedom of expression and can feel they are contributing to the common good? Or is it less good for everyone – even, dare we say, cultish? In this edition of OBSERVE, we dive into that diversity to try and answer the big question; ‘how do you do great culture?’

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Observe Magazine | Issue 16 | Women, diversity and the path to greater inclusion

While the publication is primarily about women, that does not mean it is only for women. Gender equality is something that affects everyone and, as you will read, has the potential to benefit everyone, too.

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Observe Magazine | Issue 15 | Talent and Potential

Some have titled it the ‘War for Talent’. The global competition to secure the finest talent and nurture human potential has never been more important. It’s a vast subject, with a complex, ever-changing matrix of issues that need addressing. This issue of Observe magazine is devoted to exploring talent and potential and providing engaging questions, expert comment and thoughtful analysis.

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Observe Magazine | Issue 14 | Well Working

The roots of wellness are ancient, its corporate history a much more recent one. Clearly, the ideas and practices of wellness in the workplace have exploded globally, alongside a flurry of digital technology. But does well working, as we’ve called it, merit all the attention it’s getting?

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Observe Magazine | Issue 13 | Science and Technology

The inexorable pace of development in science and technology that we witness today is unparalleled in human history. Some call it the fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.00, wherein the incorporation of advanced digital technologies in virtually every aspect of our daily lives is simply breathtaking.

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Observe Magazine | Issue 12 | Collaboration

This issue of Observe takes a sweeping look at a wide array of collaboration-related topics and for the first time, we look inside Odgers Berndtson to give readers an insight into why collaboration is at the heart of everything we do.

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Observe Issue 11 Cover

Observe Magazine | Issue 11 | Special Work Edition

This issue of Observe ranges across all of these critical areas. You can read an incisive comment from business leaders and Millennials as they offer their own take on where work and the workplace are heading. You’ll hardly be surprised to learn that automation, artificial intelligence and the true meaning of work in a digital age are top of mind.

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Observe Magazine issue 10

Observe Magazine | Issue 10 | Special The Boardroom Edition

The Boardroom special edition.

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Observe issue 9

Observe Magazine | Issue 9 | 50th anniversary

In this issue of Observe we look back on 50 years of Odgers Berndtson.

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Observe Magazine Issue 8

Observe Magazine | Issue 8 | BRICS talent survey

BRICS might have been a useful acronym to band up-and-coming economies together, but it is now their differences that will determine their future success. In this issue of Observe we look at the economic and human-capital landscape in the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa).

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Observe Magazine Issue 7

Observe Magazine | Issue 7 | Human Capital

Our human capital special: An exclusive head-to-head interview with Dow Chemical's Johanna Söderström and insights on human capital both in and outside the boardroom, from around the world, covering a range off issues including gender equality.

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Observe Magazine Issue 6

Observe Magazine | Issue 6 | Disruption

What does disruption mean? Is it a force for good? In this special issue of Observe we look across some of the many ways in which disruption is manifesting itself - in talent selection, education, life science, technology, crowdfunding, streaming, marketing, economics and more.

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Observe Magazine Issue 5

Observe Magazine | Issue 5 | CFO Special

Report: the changing nature of the CFO We also tackle such thorny issues as the rise of the activist shareholder, the challenges of reputation management in the digital age and the best ways to turn your office space into something really rather spectacular.

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Observe Magazine | Issue 4 

Cover story: what will social media be like in 2020? Also: interview with Delphi's Rodney O’Neal, the ever-changing world of interim management and we investigate corporate governance in emerging markets. There is also a report on business opportunities in Brazil.

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Observe Magazine | Issue 3 

Pixar's unsung hero: an exclusive interview with Pixar's Ed Catmull In this issue of Observe we examine why doing business in Asia is hard than you would expect of MNCs, and explore the impact of stress on executives.

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Observe Magazine | Issue 2

Interview: Vineet Nayar, one of India's leading businessmen and philanthropists And - topics from from digital talent to sport governance, from self-awareness to the rise of personalised medicine. Why Generation Y is disrupting boardrooms, why Chinese businesses are looking to home grown talent, and how one man is determined to radically change our view of corporate and political leadership.

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Observe Magazine | Issue 1

Interview: Turkey’s most respected businesswoman, Güler Sabancı Digital matters: the internet-enabled innovations of the past 20 years continue to find new ways to disrupt existing business models, shaking up established players and creating exciting opportunities for ambitious, nimble innovators.

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