Opinion: Grant Speed

25 February 2016

Introducing Odgers Interim Consulting

The launch of Odgers Interim Consulting, our independent consulting division, comes at a time when our clients are demanding ever-greater flexibility and access to the best talent around.

Since 1999, we have played an integral role in bringing the top interim managers into commercial businesses and public sector organisations to help deliver their goals. These experienced professionals have transformed the way that leadership teams resource skill gaps, turnarounds and key projects.

Now, attention is turning to the way that strategic consultancy is delivered. We understand the value challenges being pressed onto boardrooms across the country and the demand for quality management consultancy. The emergence of independent consulting in recent years demonstrates that the old ways of procuring management consultancy are becoming redundant.

Using our extensive networks and unrivalled sector expertise of our  independent consultants, we can enable management teams to select their own advisers that will guide their future strategic direction.

Chris Preston, who I have appointed to lead Odgers Interim Consulting, provides a full introduction to our new service in this edition of Perspective. He offers his insight into what is driving demand for independent consultants, but also what is attracting these professionals to move away from traditional corporate careers.

Chris brings over ten years’ experience from Page Group, where he held various senior management positions in London, Shanghai and Taipei. He is joined by Charlotte Gregson, who began her career in consulting with LEK Consulting, before IMS Consulting Group in 2007 and most recently with Eden McCallum where she specialised in cross-sector talent management.

We are privileged to have such an experienced team to build our offering in this rapidly growing sector. And, with the rigour, quality and dedication to delivery that our clients associate with Odgers Interim and Odgers Berndtson, we are  supporting more management teams fulfil their ambitions.

Grant Speed is Managing Director at Odgers Interim


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