27 February 2013

Rachel Osborne, Consultant...

Rachel along with Central Government – you focus on the Technology, Entertainment & Communications sectors ... How long have you been with the firm?

I joined Odgers Interim in May 2012 but I have worked with interim managers for nearly 20 years so my experience is wide and varied. The sector is always changing and evolving so it’s great to work in it and to now be part of the Odgers family.

What are the main TEC areas you specialise in?

I focus on clients that sit in the hardware / software space and I’m particularly interested in the B2G sector. Government clients are becoming increasingly sophisticated and demanding of their suppliers and are constantly looking for new efficiencies and added value from their outsourcing and shared services partners. These are all challenges but ones we meet head on through a shared vision and commitment to deliver.

What kinds of clients do you and your colleagues work with and where are they based?

The businesses in the TEC space are typically international and a large percentage has US based corporate headquarters. However, we also work with a broad spectrum of organisations in terms of size and complexity and I find myself regularly travelling along the M4!

How have the TEC sectors shifted over the past couple of years?

The repositioning of software houses into the SAAS (software as a service) space is well documented and there is still a scramble to capture the cloud consulting market. Cloud computing has changed how businesses buy their software and instead of spending a chunk of cash buying software licenses every few years, companies are buying subscriptions and getting their software delivered over the Internet. Most - but not all - enterprise software will eventually be delivered this way.

What sort of roles are you seeing most of at the moment?

We’re seeing a real demand for transformation directors and COO roles.

And why is that?

Put very simply, in a consistently challenged market, clients are constantly looking for fresh ways to improve their margins and ROI.

In one line... how do you think you add value to the organisations you work with?

By responding to our clients’ short term skills gaps in a deft and informed way in a market that moves more swiftly than any other.

What are your predictions for 12 to 24 months and how do you see the TEC sectors shifting?

I think we will see an increase in M&A activity this year after a long period of inactivity and caution. Change and integration have always been key drivers of interim management demand and I’m optimistic that the flat market of the past 18 months will be revived.

Do you have any advice for anyone who maybe looking for interim positions in your sectors?

Think carefully about your skills and experience proposition – it’s a competitive marketplace! Be sure to align yourself with recruitment partners who understand their sectors and can genuinely influence on your behalf.

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