27 February 2013

Recruitment within the European Technology Market is a growing trend… explains Ali Palmer, Consultant in our Technology, Entertainment & Communications division…

Increasingly over the past two years, we have witnessed steady growth across the Channel, particularly within the Technology sector, and it’s been positive to see more and more of our clients now trusting us to find them the perfect solution in what they see as a key growth area for their business.

We are in a continued era of change with ever demanding expectations on senior management teams to deliver on targets. This - coupled with an upturn in takeover activity - is the driving force behind much of the current interim recruitment activity in Europe. Despite generally positive trends across the TEC industries, recent reports have found that within the European marketplace, hardware companies are most at risk of takeover bids and we have been brought in on many such projects. The main players are the telecoms and software companies which have remained pretty buoyant over the past few years and they now see these financially distressed companies as attractive targets which can bolster their influence and scope.  The re-organisation of a tech company – much like any other business – (whether it’s a full or part restructure) - is often complex involving significant risk and therefore requires a significant number of skills. This means interims are considered the best and most cost effective option by many.

Recent interim placements have been made in France, Spain, Germany and Russia where the market has dictated the need for those with extensive experience within an international playing field. Project managers, business transformation and sales directors have been particularly needed. In most instances the skillset has been lacking from within the organisation, prompting the need for an interim to take the helm. We have also experienced cases where someone has left the organisation promptly resulting in a lack of resources and the necessity for the business to continue as usual with an experienced interim to take charge.

However, the market demand isn’t just down to takeovers… Every single developed (and developing) country around the World is infatuated with communications; from mobile phones and iPads to cloud computing and tablets. All of these gadgets mean a need for constant innovation and development which, in turn, drives jobs.  We’re seeing real demand for interims with languages from across the skills spectrum including; project managers, sales directors and transformation directors but those with management capability who are focused on delivering growth are in greatest demand.

As an experienced interim recruiter, I – along with all of my colleagues at Odgers Interim – work with my clients to meet their specific needs; whether they are geared towards change or to increase knowledge. We are under pressure to deliver quickly and top talent is key, but by seeking out the best we are able to provide the skills that are actually needed.  

Experienced interims are always in demand and I predict that we will see more requests for them to join the European arms of our top clients. That’s good news and I’d also encourage our interims to be flexible as that perfect assignment might be slight further afield than first thought.

If you would like to learn more about Ali or her work, please do check out her profile.

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Steve at 28/02/2013 10:29 said:

Hi Ali - thanks for the article - interesting reading. I spoke to Rachel about Cloud and Mobile last year and am banging away in the hospitality and entertainment sectors having built up some powerful alliances and solutions over the last few months. My observations are you are right in everyone is interested in what the gadget and technologies can do for them and are willing to talk about it as it is not fully formed yet. Ways of paying and interacting are still changing e.g Iphone wristband still to come. I think there is a gap at the moment that will close eventually between Marketing and IT where as usual IT should be the enabler and marketing the message and any solutions need the two parties to be very close together. There does to my mind still seem to be a lack of totally joined up solutions in most cases usually becasue different suppliers are in the mix and the whole thing is not totally integrated because these suppliers have different vested nterests. The EPOS suppliers are not digital experts, mobile app providers are technical rather than business aware and CRM is something that is outourced in the first instance by the Marketng deparment. The challenge is to pull the whole thing together into a fully customer led digital proposition with as usual data at the heart of it with things like big data analytics platforms to enable like has never been possible before.

I am very interested in this area and as I say ploging a furrow at the moment but let me know if anyting of interest comes up - suspect there maybe M&A activity in this sector down the line here as well which will hopefully make life interesting