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Maria Nally joins Odgers Interim Consulting

31 May 2016

The launch of our independent consulting division has kicked off to a strong start this year. With consultants already on the books, the team is now expanding further through the senior appointment of Maria Nally.

Maria joins Odgers Interim Consulting as a Senior Associate, bringing over four years’ experience of managing relationships with city firms to provide them with expert advice from a business learning platform.

In her new role, Maria will source management consulting professionals to service corporate and public sector clients, to support on a range of requirements, including strategy, post-merger integration and digital transformation.

Maria, Senior Associate at Odgers Interim Consulting said:

“It is an exciting a time to be involved in the consulting market. The model is evolving rapidly, with clients becoming more selective when sourcing services. Given the increased complexity of the sector, and the weight carried by the Odgers brand, it means we are uniquely positioned to access leading talent in the consulting market, and can provide best-in-class advice to match individuals who will best serve businesses’ requirements.

 “There has been a fundamental shift in the way consulting services are procured. Many consultants now desire increased flexibility and assurance that their work is the right fit for their expertise, as well as range and variation in the kind of projects they are involved in.”

“Business leaders are also discovering the benefits of independent consultants. They offer an increasingly attractive proposition; access to senior and experienced talent at often significantly lower rates. As the pool of consultants grows, we’ll no doubt see more businesses create their own teams of consultants and opt for independents over traditional firms.”

Maria Nally is a Senior Associate at Odgers Interim Consulting


Alexander Melbourne at 31/05/2016 23:45 said:

The EU Referendum will make a lot of companie nervous as to the effective commercial options and how to make the most of outcomes. This opens the door to independent consultants that are not shackled with public protocol and corporate dead weight that can evaluate the quick wins and the right positioning strategy for company's wanting to evolve and prosper.