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Interim management is a 'career choice'

10 June 2009

Interim management is a "genuine" career choice for high level executives and allows board members to enhance their skill sets.

That is the viewpoint of industry specialist Clive Sexton, who has suggested that the benefits of operating transitional teams are great and that interim board members can be exposed to a wide variety of sectors and many different scenarios.

Describing the type of executive suited to the role, Mr Sexton explained that most successful interim managers are mid-career and have a proven track-record of solving major business challenges.

He said: "Interim managers provide expertise and commitment, independent thought and a strong results orientation. They are highly cost-effective and in most cases self liquidating."

In April, the Financial Times encouraged businesses to consider the advantages of hiring an interim manager, as their "fresh perspective" can often solve outstanding operational issues and inspire the existing workforce.

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