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Interim executive profile published

16 June 2009

Interim executives need to have a "high fortitude for chaos" if they are to be successful, according to a new study.

InterimCEO/InterimCFO has published a profile of this burgeoning group of high-ranking executives, who work on demand for businesses looking to open in a new region, launch a product or manage those going through a merger.

This study contains insights from those working as interim managers, which suggest that this type of executive must have emotional intelligence, be able to operate in an environment in which they have no background and be enterprising.

James Jones, an interim chief operating officer with the Executive Partners, was quizzed by the international network provider for his views on transitional board members.

He explained that an interim manager would only be considered successful if they were able to maintain a "positive culture" and leave it in place when they depart.

Last month, the consultancy firm Ochre House claimed that the key attribute of an interim executive is the ability to transform a firm within a specific time and budget.

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