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Fishman outlines interim skills

17 July 2009

Interim executives must have intuition, resilience, intellectual restlessness and the ability to adapt, according to a management consultant.

Anton Fishman, managing director of Catfish Solutions, has suggested that interim board positions are "full of paradoxes" and therefore require experienced directors with an ego to counter internal resistance, the Financial Times reported.

In addition, Mr Fishman explained that permanent directors considering entering the transitional executive environment must not define themselves by a specific organisation or role.

Describing the roles of the position, he told the newspaper: "It's about being part of the organisation but not part of it.

"It's about having power in a political sense but not using it in a political sense. It's about being collegiate but being a loner."

This maxim is being increasingly adopted this year as a raft of board members and organisations begin to appreciate the benefits of interim management.

The benefits of this executive structure were outlined by the business services firm Clarendon Group last month, which claimed that they can be cost-effective in a difficult financial climate.

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