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Executives need finance skills in austere age

24 September 2009

Public executives will require good financial management after the next general election.

That is according to the chief executive of the Audit Commission Steve Bundred, who was commenting upon the growing debate surrounding public spending cuts, which have been outlined by the Conservative Party, the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats in recent weeks.

Writing for Local Government Chronicle, the head of the public finance regulator suggested that agencies will require executives with the commissioning and project management skills to plug a £800 billion hole in government spending.

Chancellor Alistair Darling also admitted today (September 24th) that the decisions on spending reductions will be "difficult" and are not just a choice between "black and white".

He said services and staff will need to be cut in a "measured and sensible way" and that "running at it with a machete is just ridiculous", according to the Telegraph.

This assertion was supported by comments made by the leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg earlier this week.

He explained that "tough" leadership is needed to take the painful decisions on spending if a national recovery programme is to be achieved.

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