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Corporations urged to adopt ethical business models

21 August 2009

Post-recession corporate cultures must move away from a focus on unbridled business growth, according to the Harvard Business Review.

The leading management publication has suggested that senior executives will have to alter their strategies once growth returns to the global economy, with a greater emphasis on corporate social responsibility - particularly in regards to green issues - expected by consumers.

This alteration in the roles that senior executives perform could lead to greater demand for interim management specialists with experience in environmental industries.

Occupying temporary positions, transitional directors could play a key role in allowing corporations time to form effective succession planning strategies to realign their business operations.

However, the lead column, which was written by the former Yale University professor James Gustave Speth, also suggested that commercially-savvy executives will still be required.

"A post-growth society will promote intense competition and innovation, and entrepreneurs will lead the way with new technologies and business models," the environmental expert said.

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