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Businesses 'face Darwinian struggle for survival'

3 June 2009

Skilled professionals have been urged to step forward and apply their skills to improving the UK's businesses.

According to the Times, the recession has created a Darwinian struggle for survival across the country, in which only the strongest are able to survive.

This, it stated, means that the businesses without the required talent and quality are being swiftly and severely punished.

As a result, it believes flagging companies could benefit from calling on the services of experienced professionals, such as an interim management team.

Vincent Desmond, executive director of the Chartered Quality Institute, told the newspaper: "It is time for quality professionals and step forward."

The Times added that bringing in an experienced executive would help groups in both the public and private sectors to look at the bigger picture rather than consider only short-term gains.

This follows a report in the publication earlier this week, which indicated that demand for interim management teams has been strong in recent months.

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