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Interim management assignments in action

10 February 2011

Odgers Interim has a broad scope of operations, supporting interim management assignments across private and public sector organisations, throughout the UK, Europe and across the world. Grant Speed, Managing Director of Odgers Interim describes a number of recent examples, which illustrate the effectiveness of interim management appointments.

“We find that many of our interim management assignments are driven by change, and that’s where we can deliver fantastic value. For example, we recently placed an interim Project Director with a client to help manage the development of a new research site. He negotiated a £3m discount on their land purchase in his first week, which is a pretty significant return on investment. We placed a Six Sigma trained project manager to join a Better Value team in a Primary Care Trust and they’ve delivered £10m savings in just six months. We had an interim CEO we put into a UK textiles manufacturer on behalf of foreign owners to assess if it could really compete with Asian imports. His solution, drawing on his personal contacts in the East, created a blended strategy of imports and local manufacture, which has sustained new profitable growth.

Sometimes it’s about control and consolidation. We have a Russian energy client, which recently acquired lots of US companies. They are using one of our experienced UK interims to integrate the financial systems and reporting of the US companies. We also put a UK professional in as a General Manager into a struggling Spanish component manufacturer, with a brief to turn around the business before a sale. He was so successful in improving its profitability; the group has now decided to keep the business running.

There are also many occasions when interim management assignments are focused on filling skills or resource gaps. We recently put a start-up specialist into a dotcom spin-off of a major UK bricks and mortar retailer so that he could help them to evaluate its potential. We have numerous HR interims managing bonus overhauls, industrial relations or other change management projects related to organisation development and restructuring.

These are just a few recent examples of how interim management assignments can make a significant and sometimes fundamental contribution to an enterprise or organisation. Board and HR Directors are beginning to realise what a powerful tool interim management can be. We’re always happy to talk to prospective clients about the potential for their business.”


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