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The Importance of a Lasting Legacy

1 October 2015

Whether you are an Interim in your 15th+ year or coming to the end of your first assignment, I wanted to bring it back to basics by discussing the self-assessment phase post assignment. It is so easy to continue working with a business on an Interim basis once the hard work is done. Leaving a newly motivated and engaged team is not an easy task but it is all part of the life of an Interim. The majority of Interim assignments arise because something is just not working properly or it is crisis time and an organisation has lost its way. The client requires expertise and professionals that have been there, seen it, done it 10 times over, and have that “I know what you need to do” attitude.

So you have gone into the assignment eyes wide open, knowing there will be a challenge and then suddenly you realise your clients problem is much more complex than first explained (standard I hear you say). So what do you do? Your previous experience of being an executor of change is about figuring out the pain points, compiling a plan, informing the board of the issues and getting on with it and delivering. Sometimes you may be lucky enough to have a predefined strategy document that needs to be adhered to; getting it over the line is much easier said than done because it might actually be wrong and you may have to re-engineer the strategy in line with what actually needs to happen.  

This is your chance to leave your lasting legacy; this is your brand, and your opportunity to complete the customer experience, holding your clients hand through this time of change. 

So what are the key indicators that you have left your client? 

  • Have you remembered to leave a road map and destinations of where your client needs to be in 12 months’ time - what does great look like?
  • What about the plans and ideas for current employees and their future in the organisation?  
  • What about various business change and risk scenarios - should something happen? 
  • Have you diarised a catch up in 6 months? 

The above 4 points are fairly straight forward Interim approaches but they should be action points for when you start to near the finish line. 

At Odgers Interim we ask all of our Interims to explain about their lasting legacy because we want to see change and the overall difference they have made to a business, after all we will be using these points when it comes to securing your next role. 

As I mentioned in my last post relating to social media, have you asked for referrals and recommendations? Don’t forget you will need to let your network know you are back on the market. Lastly, remember this is your business and your ability to engage with your customers, keeping in touch with them will not only grow relationships but it will drive your business forward in an ever expanding and competitive market, so the better the experience, the better the legacy.

Tim Muzio, Consultant

Tim is a Consultant in the Financial Services practice, read Tim's profile

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