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New world, new talent competencies in technology

1 June 2017

In my last piece, spurred on by attending the HR Tech World conference at the end of March, I looked at six interim talent trends in the technology sector. If anything, since then, the need for skills around digital, cloud and the continued emergence of artificial intelligence and robotics which have been reinforced.

In this piece, I share some thoughts about what leaders might need to do differently to attract the talent needed in the on-demand economy with a new type of labour force, where the terms “employee” and “employer” take on new meaning.

One of my key takeaways from HR Tech World is that in order to thrive, talent acquisition will need to become proficient at recruiting and managing a pool of rotating external workers at all levels. Effectively, a ‘talent cloud’ with an extended talent supply chain, which could be global. Whilst maintaining permanent employee engagement and retaining a distinct culture.

  • Create a platform for Talent Access: If the hype from HRIS vendors at HR Tech World is to be believed, you can stand up a single, seamless global portal tomorrow. The reality is it requires crafting and grafting an omni-channel approach with the people, process and technologies to span direct sourcing, trusted external vendors at all levels from executive to mid-market, to volume hiring and potentially gig economy portals.
  • Formulate an “employer” value proposition for a non-permanent workforce: which requires understanding the characteristics of a diverse set of freelancers, contractors, interims and  independent consultants. The best contractors at the top end value independence and their ability to select projects. They can, and do, pick their project of choice. See this article in the Sunday Times citing Odgers Connect (note: content behind paywall) about Brexit increasing demand for high-end, independent management consultants.
  • Devise alternative rewards: At the top end of the contract market, we’ve seen a small but significant rise in variable performance related pay as part of a total day rate. This helps balance remuneration for interims with core permanent compensation.

In future, rewards for interims could well include learning and development (especially e-learning) or other non-monetary rewards. After all contractors and interims have careers as too!

I will continue to share further thoughts around talent.

For further information, please contact Paul Wright.

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