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Keep those plates spinning…

7 December 2015

There has been that much talk in the last few weeks about

  • Caps, spending reviews, incoming cash, savings targets and CIP’s
  • Efficiency drives, 7 day services, 5 year plans, £10BN vs £20BN, 5000 doctors and how to tackle the lack of nurses
  • Autumn Statements, public finances, social care, GP contracts, junior doctor strikes, council tax hikes, finishing the job and starting the job….

that my head is actually starting to spin and all I can think of now is, well, pretty much - Christmas…

So, for the NHS interested party out there, here is an overall, easy to digest snapshot of The Spending Review and Autumn Statement and what this actually means.

£10 billion real terms increase in NHS funding in England between 2014-15 and 2020-21, of which £6 billion will be delivered by the end of 2016-17, and £4.8 billion capital funding every year for the next 5 years.

Click here to see how it looks in real terms 

There are three key themes to the spending as highlighted below:

 1. Long-term investment

7-day services in primary care and in hospitals such that, by 2021 everyone will be able to access GP services in the evenings and at weekends with an extra 5,000 doctors in general practice coupled with a much needed and long overdue investment into our Mental Health services.

2. Efficiency and reform

The NHS has committed to deliver its £22 billion in efficiency savings by 2020-21 to deal with rising demand (an ageing population). This will be achieved by reducing running costs, paying the right price for equipment, reducing avoidable hospital admissions and improving care quality.

The plan to deliver these is much underway through Lord Carter’s findings with pilots being delivered nationally – I am a fan of this work - as a tax payer, I get it.

3. Devolution

The government will integrate health and social care services by 2020. Each part of the country will develop plans for this by 2017 which are to be implemented by 2020. Local areas will integrate in different ways using a range of models which the government supports as well as new hospital groups.

In summary

I hope this snapshot helps and whilst I acknowledge and appreciate there has been mixed reaction to the level of investment, I personally think ‘more is more’ and who can argue with that, because there will, I am convinced, come a time when someone says ‘enough is enough’….. 

In the meantime, let’s keep those plates spinning.

Sarah Lovell, Partner

Sarah is a Partner in the Healthcare practice, read Sarah's profile.


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