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Interim Managers and Social Media

2 July 2015

I get asked a lot by our Financial Services Interim’s about social media and the best way to approach the market? I don’t think there is one answer but now that it is a relatively maturing space there are some simple guidelines.  I have put some ideas together for you to have a think about that hopefully give you guidance.

Firstly, Interim managers must have a defined presence on at least one social platform because a CV is no longer enough.  So start with 3 simple ideas to get you started. 

  • Define your strategy - who, what, where is your business proposition and how can you add value to your market?
  • Decide on the right platform that’s easy for you to manage – we’re all busy and it can be hard to keep your network up to date at the best of times so when on assignment make sure you keep in touch with people as it could take even longer to get things going again when you are out there looking for the next piece of work (out of sight and out of mind and all that).  If it’s Twitter and LinkedIn do you have similar content that easily explains your services on a consistent basis?
  • Decide on how you want your audience to view you – don’t connect with just anybody, define the connections that are relevant to you and make sure they are getting insightful news about you and your business.

When explaining the above points there are more things to consider that you may have not thought about.  Most of us who have worked in financial services over the past 10 years or more will have seen seismic shifts in how most institutions recruit and the process they go through. Then you have high volume recruitment requirements that LinkedIn profiles with the most keywords will dredge up numerous amounts of candidates which works very well at mid-management level but when it comes to senior management or executive hiring this process doesn’t really work. It’s not a transactional piece of recruitment or an assignment that you deliver so I feel wouldn’t be your best route to sealing your next opportunity. So don’t worry about keywords as much.  This point can be expanded on for another day but my point is to keep your LinkedIn profile succinct in line with your strategy and values, it is your shop window so how do you want the market to perceive you?

When it comes to your audience your network is very important, we are a curious species in general and we want to see who knows who. Your LinkedIn, Twitter feed and who you follow is a good source of market information; it’s not unusual when commenting on certain subjects that people become social media friends over time having never met, but you will get the sense of a community from like-minded individuals offering similar services (the Fintech top 40 is a great example of people to follow on twitter). Remember though, it is your brand, and you have to get the right blend between personal and business. You don’t have to be outspoken and the odd contribution here or there is good just don’t blur the lines with the Monday morning motivation quotes or too many personal revealing stories – remember that professional line as there are better Social Media platforms for that type of communication. 

Like most people in 2015 we have all had a social media presence nearing on 10 years in some shape or form.  There is a lot of data out there now which is hugely insightful for anybody wanting to find out more about you.  As an example, as part of our own internal reference process we include various web searches that scrape information on individuals to see what is lurking out on there on the World Wide Web. This in itself has been a huge eye opener for us to see what coverage people have had, good and bad which sometimes has influenced our clients hiring Interim Mangers.

In essence, when it comes to interims and social media I believe it’s of huge value for all interim managers to have a presence and keep it refreshed at all times. Remember to pull people in with advice and value added thoughts which make them want to talk with you, build those relationships and network with your peers but most of all embrace it and keep it simple. 

Tim Muzio, Consultant

Tim is a Consultant in the Financial Services practice, read Tim's profile

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