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Digital Frontier

19 November 2015

Having recently moved, I am deep in the midst of furnishing it with new technology. This, of course, takes time and research to make sure I can buy a TV which is not out of date by the time I get it out of the box.

It seems to reflect the mentality of what is happening across the Social Housing sector with many of my conversations with Chief Executives who are also thinking of their organisation and how to ensure they are fit for purpose and to some extent future proof. This is perhaps not the time to discuss the myriad of issues and policies that are bearing down on teams across the UK. Suffice to say that you can take your pick (or maybe a mix of all) from welfare reform, rent reductions, right to buy and any others that may spring to mind. But how do we ensure we are improving and building a better organisation, which is not out of sync before the next government policy arrives?  It could mean we are forever chasing the horizon in terms of how we operate.

One stream of thought is the customer experience and the journey we lead our tenants through.  Teams can see that by making this an area of focus, there are quick wins for financial savings, efficiency of operations and therefore a lighter and leaner way of conducting business.

It’s imperative we do this well though, so the demand for Interims who are experts in this transformation is increasing. They bring with them their experience from commercial operations to help teams who are not so tech savvy and build a long lasting and more efficient platform across the whole of the digital space as well as working on the digital channel shift.  This allows the customer to not only enjoy a better, faster and easier access to their line of enquiry, but it also enables a platform on which a team can highlight other areas to fix in tandem.

Some of this is yesterday’s news to the pioneers at the edge of the digital frontier and some teams are very much ahead of the game in this area. But there are still those that need some support and help is very much available, as long as you are brave enough to flip the switch and embrace the fact that the current political and financial landscape is probably our new norm.  

The change in the digital mind set could be like moving from an old analogue TV - to a brand new 4K, OLED TV some might say…

Suresh Lal, Consultant

Suresh is a Consultant in the Social Housing practice, read Suresh's profile

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