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15 May 2017

Is a document that is your 'shop window' identifying your achievements and the value you have added to the businesses where you have worked in the past. It will also get you your next job! Or will it?

I often wonder why we don’t tell future employers what we really achieved.  I often see documents that tell me they 'strategically led', 'managed & led projects', and were 'effective change agents'.  All these seem fabulous achievements, but where is the proof?

You have to remember that someone is reading this document. Is the first half of your first page taken up with your personal details and profile? What is attracting the reader to scroll down further? 

I've now been working in recruitment for over 2 years and before that as a senior leader and regularly see a lot of good and bad CVs!

I have 5 tips:-

1.  Use minimum space for your personal details, the heading is a good place to put them

2.  If you do want to use a personal profile my advice is to think concisely. For example when I speak to a client I would say I have Narinder Uppal who has 3 incredible strengths in Recruitment, Business Development and Stakeholder Management.  I would then back statement up with metrics!

That is your personal profile and also the client will know straight away what you can deliver.

3.  Start with career track record with your most recent role first. It is always good to highlight the scale and scope of the organisation.

4.  'Sing your own praises'. Have 5 or more bullet points under your roles each one addressing the following:-

  • what you delivered
  • what was the impact
  • in what period of time

Example:   I delivered a nationwide change project which reduced costs by 35% and increased productivity by 20% within 6 months.

5.  Always customise your document for each different role.  Different metrics and, different proof points.  So many people fail to do that and therefore do not get shortlisted for an interview.

Remember, although this document is historical it is giving a promise of the future impact you will have in your next business! Good luck!

For more information, please contact Narinder Uppal.

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