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Baking is good for your (mental) health

1 August 2013

Baking is good for your (mental) health

I am starting to wonder if fundraising is a law of diminishing returns. At least on an individual level it can certainly feel that way. Having not taken part in sponsorship since primary school I was very pleased when I raised £500 running a half marathon for an international development charity. Spurred on by my success I completed a triathlon for a disability charity and raised £250, not bad but still half of what I'd managed previously. My most recent was a 10K for a homelessness charity and for that I managed the ask of £150 but it was a challenge. It left me feeling a little down heartened as I realised my lack of creative fundraising efforts were really to blame.

I know charity giving is an incredibly personal matter. You can't make people donate however passionately you feel about the cause but you can try and make people see the thing you are shouting about, which quite often is a topic most don't want to discuss openly, in a different light. That's exactly what Miss Cakehead and score of like-minded bakers are doing with The Depressed Cake Shop, pop-up shops across the UK selling only grey baked goods to raise awareness of the effects of depression and how it makes everything in the world seem grey. They have taken the traditional bake sale to a whole new level; by reversing the visual impact from one of dainty fairy cakes with white icing to something you wouldn't want to approach at first glance, let alone eat, they are forcing the consumer to think and more importantly to discuss mental health and the impact it has on so many lives.

I think it's a genius idea. I'm not a great baker, but I am certainly a partaker and look forward to trying a black dog macaroon this weekend.

Rebecca O'Connor, Consultant

Rebecca is a Consultant in the Charities Practice.

Categories: Charities


Siobhan at 02/08/2013 14:39 said:

Very well put and what an original idea.

Sarah at 01/08/2013 22:25 said:

What a fabulous idea! Raising awareness to empower people to make a difference in their lives can only be a good thing. Enjoy your macaroon.