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An NHS ‘Rose’ for Valentine day….

17 February 2014

Sir Stuart Rose, the former Chief Executive of Marks & Spencer, has -  thanks to his “very hands on style” been asked by Jeremy Hunt, to review (amongst others) 14 of the NHS Trusts which currently reside in ‘special measures’. 

The definition of the adjective ‘special’, according to the Oxford University Press, is: better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual and it is within this context, that approximately 10% of our NHS Trusts have been placed. 

According to the Trust Development Authority: A hospital trust is said to require ‘special measures’ on quality grounds when serious and systemic failings in relation to quality of care have been identified, and the persons responsible for leading and managing the trust are unable to resolve the problems without intensive support.”

An opportunity for all leaders irrespective of sector to be gifted free mentoring by a proven business leader should be viewed as a bit of a boon! 

It is a given that stability is important in any leadership role and as the average current tenure of an NHS Chief Executive is approximately 700 days, the opportunity to work with Sir Stuart should be viewed as exactly that - an opportunity – clearly a distinguished man, an excellent retail leader and an individual who strikes me to be both charismatic and considered.  There may well be some managerial lessons that can be learnt at trust level as well as within the wider NHS community.

The prospect of receiving external insight from Sir Stuart might well be the best free management consulting ever received….  If for some of the most difficult to work in and challenging health economies the insights are actionable and impactful then it seems to me an opportunity worth seizing. 

After all, nothing ventured… nothing gained.

Sarah Lovell, Consultant

Sarah is a Consultant in the Healthcare Practice, read Sarah's profile.

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