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15 year Anniversary for Odgers Interim, what will be in store for the next 15 years?

2 December 2014

Last week, I was privileged to be part of our 15 year anniversary of Odgers Interim, along with my colleagues we were very proud to toast our success with the talent and clientele who have helped shape our path to not only operate and grow our business for the last 15 years but also to be voted the number one Interim Provider in 2014.

In those 15 I have been with the firm 9, witnessing a stealth rise of the Executive Interim. It was wonderful to see past and present individuals who have helped transform services not only in the Health Sector but in all sectors; Public, Commercial and Not-for-Profit. Our loyal clients were also pleased to be part of such a glorious celebration - a crowd full of expertise, success and eternal optimism. For those who couldn’t join us, it was truly an exceptional evening and you were sadly missed!

I would be shameless to forget to add, the evening would not have excelled all expectations was it not for our truly exceptional Events Team, who worked tirelessly over weeks/months, choosing a stunning location in Central London.

So in light of this wonderful event and the very nature of what we do - one has to ask the question, what is the future of the Interim Executive? 

For several months now, I have had many a conversation on this very topic – will it die down or will it accelerate into an even higher gear? My answer obviously needs to be diplomatic but in reality I cannot see this slowing down anytime soon. The changes and demands are too high, turnover of staff means there is a gap and that gap is now being filled by that very someone who was part of that retention - a portfolio career is now a major consideration for that chosen path. The theme used to be, “when I retire I will become an interim”, of course in some cases this is still very much the case however by and large the trigger, the drive , the interest has changed , it is a way of working for many who are not anyway near to retirement. The understanding, the use, the reliant has changed for Executive Interim resource.

The question is how sustainable is it. We all know without the understanding and expertise of a particular individual plugging a gap the service, directorate or team will not deliver. So ask yourselves this, how can we not be without the very person described as above working alongside the substantive?

I will end by saying , thank you to all who we work with , your skill, professionalism , dedication and drive without limitations is truly exceptional – you do at the end of the day “save the day” in most parts.

Here’s too many more years of success.

SJ Leatherdale, Partner

SJ is a Partner in the Healthcare practice, read SJ's profile

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