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13 Jun 2017

Independent strategy consultant Tracey Barr provides expert advice and project leadership, management and support to a diverse range of healthcare projects.

13 Jun 2017

On 6th April 2017, the ‘Off-payroll working in the public sector’ legislation came into force. This legislation focuses on Personal Service Companies working in the public sector and considers the liability and responsibility for...

Categories: Healthcare

06 Jun 2017

We live in a hyper-connected world, where everybody is constantly "plugged in", accessing information and services instantly. Is it possible though to let go of modern day distractions such as excessive phone use, commitment...

01 Jun 2017

In order to thrive, talent acquisition will need to become proficient at recruiting and managing a pool of rotating external workers at all levels

Categories: Technology, Entertainment & Communications

15 May 2017

Is a document that is your 'shop window' identifying your achievements and the value you have added to the businesses where you have worked in the past. It will also get you your next job! Or will it?

I often wonder why we don’t...

Categories: Education

04 Apr 2017

Attending HR Tech World in London recently three things struck me:

Categories: Technology, Entertainment & Communications

14 Feb 2017

The Business media seems to be stuck in a seemingly never-ending feedback loop at present. One cannot read an article or watch a television news item without being faced with endless speculation about the ‘B’ word (the UK’s...

Categories: Healthcare

12 Jan 2017

The words that come to my mind when thinking about PSD2 are ‘open’, ‘positively challenging’ and ‘game changing’

Categories: Financial Services

30 Nov 2016

What has an F1 team order got to do with housing?

Categories: Social Housing

23 Nov 2016

NHS organisations – both commissioners and Providers alongside colleagues in local authorities and third sector organisations are currently working together to develop new ways to tackle local challenges through the STP process.

Categories: Healthcare