How Odgers’ process works

When it comes to filling interim management positions, we work with you and the interim executive for the duration of the assignment.

At the start we ensure there is a really clear brief about your specific deliverable outcomes. This helps us to identify the right interim manager in terms of skills and experience.

We then seek out the most suitable candidate for each interim management position from our close network of experienced interim managers and our extensive database. Once we have established who is currently available, we shortlist and send you details of a maximum of three people.

As well as helping to select the correct person to meet your interim management positions, Odgers Interim also assists during the selection process with the administration, reference taking, and in providing a venue for interviews if requested.

Odgers Interim oversees the agreement of terms and the contractual process between all parties. Please note assignments are not confirmed until all parties have signed contracts.

During the assignment we keep in regular contact with the client and the interim manager to ensure the project is on track and to make sure we can deal with any potential issues.

At the end of the assignment we request feedback from you to make sure you are satisfied with the way the interim process has been handled and the performance of the interim manager. 

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