How do you secure interim executive jobs with Odgers Interim? There are a number of ways you can work with us:

It’s important to be clear about where you think your skills are transferable.  What you can do is more important to us than who you are. Whilst we do not interview everybody as a matter of course, we will retain your details until such time as an assignment comes along that we think might be of interest to you, and where we think your skills would be well used.

When we have a relevant interim executive job that might be suited to your skills, one of our team will contact you to check your availability and your most recent experience and may then talk to you about a client brief. If we agree there could be a good fit, we will send your details along with a small number of other résumés for the client to review. Hopefully an interview will result from this. 

If at the post-interview stage you and the client together decide you would like to go ahead with the assignment, we will handle negotiations about your day rate, expenses, overnight accommodation or whatever else is particular to the role that you require. It is also useful to devise a terms of reference document so that your responsibilities and delivery dates are clear to all parties. 

We issue a contract for all interim executive jobs direct to the candidate (via your limited company) and issue another contract to the client. Please note assignments are not confirmed until all parties have signed contracts. The good news is that you invoice us for the number of days you work in a calendar month at the end of that month, and we pay you directly in the agreed way plus expenses. We then recover our monies independently from the client. We are entirely transparent about our margins. Whilst on assignment we will keep in touch with you, visit you on site and both our consultant and their administrator will be on hand to answer any problems or queries.

We hold regular events for our interim executives, not only as a thank you but as a chance for you to meet each other and swap war stories.

At the end of each assignment we will ask you to comment on how Odgers Interim and the client managed the assignment. We will also work together on the production of your resume for your next piece of work.

I was impressed with the very professional and effective way my assignment was set up. From first notification of the potential role to interview and appointment was all of 72 hours! Following my appointment the continuing interest and care and support that Odgers Interim provided was second to none.

Danny Sullivan– Principal Advisor, London Borough of Croydon

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