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  • 13 Jan 2015

    The biggest healthcare-related story to hit the press in the last week was surely the news that Circle Partnership has announced its decision to withdraw from its contract to run the Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Cambridgeshire.

  • 05 Jan 2015

    With the general election just a few months away, we all know that 2015 will be an interesting one...

    Categories: Local Government

  • 02 Dec 2014

    Last week, I was privileged to be part of our 15 year anniversary of Odgers Interim, along with my colleagues we were very proud to toast our success with the talent and clientele

    Categories: Healthcare

  • 25 Nov 2014

    Another F1 season has finished and the talented man from Stevenage is double world champion. But for a devoted Ferrari fan it is another season of watching my beautiful team sink to lows I haven’t experienced since I was a 12 year old, watching them for the first time with my older brothers.

    Categories: Social Housing

  • 07 Nov 2014

    Having met numerous ‘clients’ over the last 3 months and asked to recruit various functional roles there is a real shift from the type of candidate wanted for the growth phase in the current economy.

    Categories: Financial Services

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